Shopgenx is a premier shopping destination for a variety of products ranging from handicraft, merchandise, decor, electronic gadgets and lifestyle to beauty & care and much more. While shopping on our website i.e., the following terms and conditions will be a binding contract between Shopgenx (henceforth referred to as “Company” or “Site” or “We” or “Our”) and you.

Please note that the terms & conditions mentioned herein are revised and updated from time to time and are, therefore, likely to change without any prior notice or intimation. It is, therefore, suggested that customers go through the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement policy thoroughly before availing or purchasing any of our services or products.

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable on all transactions made on the website. Whenever you use, shop or avail any service at our website, you agree to be bound by our policies. Also, when you visit or purchase from either a business entity affiliated with Shopgenx or a third party vendor (whether included in the site or not), these policies will be equally applicable.
  2. Once you avail, use or subscribe to any of our services or products, a relationship between you and Shopgenx will start which will include the sale and supply of any product on the site. All such usage will be governed by the company’s terms and conditions.
  3. As and when deemed necessary by Shopgenx, it reserves the right to change/modify/alter or amend any clause mentioned in the agreement without any prior notice or intimation regarding the same.
  4. While signing up or creating a new account on our website, users are required to furnish accurate, current and complete information that is asked of them. Such information might include, but is not limited to, the users’ name, age, email address, postal address etc. Misrepresentation and/or furnishing false or inaccurate information will lead to immediate termination of such user account(s).
  5. Only those users who are above the age of 18 can avail the services of Shopgenx. Shopgenx reserves the right to suspend or terminate any user account without providing any reason thereof. Those users whose accounts have either been suspended or removed from the system by Shopgenx are not eligible to avail its services.
  6. The use of more than one account by a single user shall amount to fraudulent activities and will attract the penalty of termination of all the accounts associated with that user. Moreover, in all fraudulent cases (such ascriminal acts, engaging in or instigating others to engage in or commit a criminal offense, spreading hatred, promoting illicit use of computer machines or computer programs, misconduct with regard to information, spreading vulgarity etc.), the company reserves the right to take any other action, as deemed fit by the company.
  7. Shopgenx will not be liable in case of any issues related to any transaction(s) made with a third party making use of your account or User Id provided to you by the company.