Vastu fengshui Combo of Parad Shivling (20-25 gms), 2 mukhi Rudraksha, Rudraksha Mala and 100 ml Gangajal Positive energy

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  • Parad Shivling (20-25 gms), 2 mukhi Rudraksha, 1 Rudraksha Mala ,100 ml Gangajal
  • Rudraksha beads/seeds, meaning “eye of Shiva” or “tears of Shiva” in Sanskrit, have been worn by gurus and yogis since ancient times for their profound spiritual significance and powerful healing/mystical properties. Sacred Rudraksha beads are seeds from the Rudraksha tree and according to ancient Vedic texts, these beads are endowed with cosmic powers to elevate the soul and assist on the path of ascension.
  • As per Maharishi Vedvyas, Ganges water has the power of warding off all the evils of Kalyuga. Therefore, it should be used in all the religious ceremonies and rituals.
  • It is the symbol of Shiva the God of Supreme Truth. They are meant to be sacred pujan areas for the Hindu deities.

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