Pure Copper Wine Glass Wine Whisky Cocktail Goblet Tableware Bar Hotel Restaurant Serving Set of 2

43.00$ 21.50$

  • 100% SOLID COPPER: There’s no stainless steel, tin or nickel linings in our copper Wine Glass!  All of our copper Wine Glass are made with solid copper.
  • Definitely safe for drinking! Our mug has no inner linings such as Tin, Nickel, Steel, or other metals which will have a noticeably gross smell/taste. Caution: This mug is not for hot and highly acidic drinks. Hot and acidic drinks can accelerate copper leakage and possible reaction with copper. It has food-safe lacquer coating outside which helps preserve beauty and luster.
  • Product Height 23.00 CM, Total Weight 680 gram
  • Perfect for cocktails, beer, and even iced tea, Hand wash only
  • Do Not Microwave and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth.

100 in stock

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