Narmada Shivling Pendant 1.5 Inches Stone Religious Shiva Lingam Narmada Svayambhu Spiritual Shivling Puja Yoga Healing Stone Energy Gift

12.00$ 6.05$

  • Narmada Shivling is natural stone from River narmada. This is most sacred and powerful stones
  • WEAR this pendant for positive energy and prosperity. We can keep in pooja Room or work place for stability growth, prosperity.
  • They get naturally rolled in this lingam shape due to the motion and course of the river over several years and develop beautiful patterns.
  • Narmada Lingam is a natural shivling is in multi-color with a smooth texture and nicely formed auspicious concentric rings.
  • Packaging – 1 Pcs (Chain is not included) (1.5 Inches approx. each).. Due to natural Item Texture & design may be vary.

100 in stock

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