Feng Shui 2 inches Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant with Rudraksha for Health Wealth and Luck Religious Decorative Indian Handicrafts

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  • ACCORDING TO HINDU OLD SCRIPTURES IT IS BELIEVED THAT This charismatic Kavach holds three fold powers of Lord Shiva. It has a Trishul, a Damaroo and a Rudraksha (All favorite to Lord Shiva) Lord Shiva uses Trishul when HE gets angry, to destroy the evils from the earth.
  • This auspicious Kavach is made of combination of eight metals. Hence, it shall retain its shine and never tarnish
  • One who wears this Shiv Shakti Kavach is blessed by the lord himself. All the worries and tension of the wearer come to an end. It destroys the effects of evil eye and family discord.
  • The powerful symbol of good health, wealth & descendant luck.
  • It Bring Prosperity, Happiness. The size of the pendant is 2 inches Approx

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