Energize Copper Vastu Dosh Nivaran Pyramid Yantra Home Decor Puja Item Diwali Gift

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  • New house or existing house, place vastu pyramid yantra in the temple.
  • In case of a vastu defect, place it in the North-East corner of your house or in the altar(prayer) room.
  • A student can place the copper pyramid on their study table to get a good academic result.
  • Try meditating with your copper Pyramid. A stone carving found in Ecuador that is 10-12,000 years old shows a cross-legged figure holding the base of a small pyramid with his right hand, and with his left palm slightly above the pyramid’s apex. Try this and you may be surprised how quickly you can reach deeper states of meditation.
  • Manifestation Amplifier -Pyramids are amplifiers, magnifying energy. Write down on a piece of paper an intention, prayer, or wish and place the folded piece of paper over the Shri Yantra within the copper pyramid to allow its manifestation to be amplified and accelerated. It helps to focus a few times a day on what you have written, but remember to say or write on the paper “Not my will but Thy will be done”. Send light and positive vibrations to any situation or person.

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