Resin Feng Shui Lord Kuber Idol, Standard, Multicolour Lord Kuber Idol for Profit, Success, Good Luck and Prosperity

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  • Lord Kuber Is The Lord Of All The Treasures On Earth And Even Rules Over The Riches Buried And Unclaimed Inside The Earth.
  • Lord Kuber is Worshiped And Propitiated For Quick Financial Gains, Unexpected Gain Of Money Through Lotteries Etc And A Prosperous Business.
  • Kuber assists you in booming your businesses, Size – 4 inches Approx
  • Lord Kuber Is The Basis Of Gain Of Unlimited Wealth And Prosperity
  • According To Ancient Vedic Books Of Ramayan Kuber Made The Gold Lanka, Which Was Taken By His Brother Ravan. All Ancient Texts Encourage The Use Of Kuber Sadhana For The Gain Of Wealth.
  • If kept east facing near the place of keeping cash/cheque books etc, Lord Kuber regulates the flow of money.
  • Color and Design may vary due to photographic effects

100 in stock

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