1 pcs Gamchha – Traditional Indian Spiritual Towel Made of Pure Thin Cotton Fabric Puja Item

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  • Pure cotton gamchha for pooja, It is a thin cotton towel which uses around shoulder for prayer.
  • Size 26″ x 75″ (Approximately), Design may very a Little.
  • A gamucha is a traditional thin, coarse cotton towel found in India, Bangladesh as well as various parts of South and Southeast Asia and is used to dry the body after bathing or wiping sweat. It is often just worn on one side of the shoulder.
  • Its appearance varies from region to region, and it has been traditionally worn as a scarf by the men of Orissa which was mentioned in Oriya Mahabharata by Sarala Dasa. Male villagers wear it as dhoti.
  • Children of tribal communities in Orissa wear gamchha until their adolescence after which they wear dhoti. Weavers of traditional tantubaya or jugicommunity migrated from Bangladesh to Tripura and weavers of Orissa produce good quality gamchha.

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