Abouts us

Here at Shopgenx.com we are a friendly bunch of hard working people who love selling stuff online. We have been selling great products via our shopgenx.com that extend all over the world for the last 5 years, so you could say we know what we are doing! “shopgenx.com” is making the rules, and breaking the rules; our customer is the leader of the pack, the last one standing, in the front row, and always on the list.


We have a team of about 30+ Hard workers based in India and UAE. Every single one of us are deeply passionate about you having a great online shopping experience with us.


We have an online pool of more than 10 million products ranging from movies to toys, sports equipment, kitchen gadgets. We source these items from all over the world and take away any of those any geographical barriers that stopped these types of items landing right on your front door in the past.

Act Globally

Our goal is to reach worldwide, wherever they may be across the globe. To achieve this, we have taken away all traditional geographical barriers so that it doesn’t matter where you live, We can deliver at your door.